How much it costs to be Kind?

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"We all share one moon, one sun, and a few billion stars. We share the same air, the same world. Yet we still don't know how to share kindness." - We Heart It 
Did you ever ask yourself "How much it costs to be Kind?" 

Spoiler: The answer begins with Z and ends with O. 
These days, we all talk about simply everything, but we're still missing one part... Being kind to each other. 
I am not saying that 'I'm the kindest person.' I'm not and I admit that and I'll hopefully improve that.
We all go through situations we don't want to go through, we all somehow end up hurting the people that love us the most and we also sometimes be rude to each other in a horrible way.
For example: If you've been following on Twitter for a while, you'd notice that there was a time where I tweeted hate tweets to Crowdfire... Guess what! They solved my problem & replied nicely. Woah! 
At that point, I really felt terrible. I could have waited for some days but I was like 'NO'
I know this happens to all... 
Sometimes you're not happy in your life, but that doesn't mean you make others sad too. 
Be kind to them, make them happy & trust me you'll automatically happy.
These days, I started tweeting positive things to random people and they get happy which makes me HAPPY! 
True happiness comes from making others happy. :) 
Being kind is sadly rare these days... But, being unique is always beautiful. 
Be unique, be a ray of sunshine. 
Spread kindness. Make your loved ones feel the love you have for them in your heart, write good things to people you don't even know. 
Try your best to be KIND. 
Kindness is beautiful. 

Please message/tweet something nice to someone. 

With lots of love,

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  1. Wow it was really an awsom thought or very beautifully you frame each n every word...👌👌

    1. Thank you so much, Nidhi! 💖 Have a lovely day!- KM