The Story behind my Story

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Hello Bello, everyone! I hope that all of you are enjoying your day. 
Some of you may know this while others have no clue what's going on... This post is going to be all about my recent story 'Remember That Friday Night' that I've published on Wattpad.
Trust me, lots of things happened in the past few days. My Blog wasn't available, Crowdfire stopped working and everything else just got 👎
These days, everything is working well (Thank God) and I'd also love to say sorry to Crowdfire for being too rude with them.
So, now back to the main point the story behind my story - I wrote 'Remember That Friday Night' a while ago, but I wasn't brave enough to publish it online because I feared being judged... People like my sister who always supported me and always told me to publish it online but I was like 'NO'
My friend, Shapo gifted me FanGirl a few weeks ago. It's a wonderful story and the main character Cath is an online writer and she's famous and there are parts in the story where she thinks what she'll write next and all that.
While reading it, I was like 'I really like that feeling.' So, I made a brave move and shared chapter one of my story on Wattpad. To my greatest surprise, people actually liked my story. 🙌
I'll publish chapter two this Friday on 24th March 2017.
Please please feel free to share your feedback.

With lots of love,

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