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Hello Bello, everyone! How're you all doing? So, today at School one of my friends asked me to post about how I study & I thought this post would hopefully be helpful for all of you. So, let's start...
First things first, a studying-schedule is a must! Personally, if I don't have a studying-schedule means I am lost... But, make your studying-table realistic & suits you. For example: If you can't remember things easily, don't include two subjects that require remembering everything - Like on Sunday study Math 'Which depends on practice' & History 'Which depends on remembering'. Always be realistic with your plans. Also, when you finish studying ALWAYS do a mini-Quiz for yourself. It will help you to remember the information better & you'll know your weak-points. We all have that subject that we find hard 'It depends from person to person.' For example: Biology is a hard subject for you, but that doesn't mean you just give up on it. Study it as much as you can & you'll surely surely improve with time. Plus, there are lots of videos on YouTube that can help you in understanding some points. #ThankYouYouTube - One thing I find really helpful is asking other people, if I personally don't understand a point, I directly ask my friends & if they don't know too. I directly ask the teacher and then make sure that my friends understand it too, because sharing is caring. YOU must do all your homework on time, I don't know why but some people are against homework, I personally think that homework can really really help you, so DO your homework. The most important one of all, pay attention & stay quite in the classroom. Because when you see someone explaining something, you automatically remember what they said or what the point was all about.

Thank you for reading, I really hope that was helpful! If you have any more tips, please share - Because sharing is caring. ;)

With lots of love,

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