Saturday Thought

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Happy Saturday, everyone!
If you're following me on Twitter you'd hopefully notice that sometimes I tweet about some thoughts I find on We Heart It, but today I thought I'd post my own thoughts ;) 
So, in the few past days, I've done lots of things good & bad & I still have lots of mixed feelings. I think my Blog's title perfectly suits me as a person. These days, my sister & I are obsessed with short films, we watch like 10 short films in a day. 
There is a short film which is very heart-touching and really beautiful, but sadly I forgot the name of it and lost the link too. But if I ever find it again, I'll surely update this post with the link or I'll tweet it. 
So, there was a quote in that short film that I remember. 
"We human beings are a mixture of good and bad, just like a coin has two sides. We have two sides too, but this world doesn't believe in that. The world has just two labels a good person and a bad person."
This quote really touched my heart, because it's very realistic. 
That's the reality of us. We all must go by that quote. 
We all do mistakes, we regret it and we really try to improve ourselves & WE WILL.

That's all for today, I hope you people understand this beautiful quote & always remember that there are bad things and good things in everyone.

With lots of love,

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