#DesignWithKhadija: Some Tips

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Hello, wonderful people! So, it's finally Thursday which means #DesignWithKhadija day! ;) 
Today, I won't share any D.I.Y - I'll share some tips about what to write on your blog!
Because, designing a Blog doesn't just mean having a good template, it's also about having good topics that attracts people to your Blog. I've been a Blogger from 10th of November 2016 'Which is not too long ago, but I surely learnt somethings that might help you if you're a newbie.'
Let's start! 
So, we all are different and we all have different likes & dislikes. Right?
If we're all different about likes & dislikes, I think it should be crystal clear that we're also different when comes to writing & choosing topics. We're all not good at the same thing, right? 
For example: I've been reading a Blogger's posts and she is a PRO when it comes to editing templates, I saw a YouTube video of her, she edited a template in 10 mins & it was perfect! #MyGoals ;) 

And I've been also reading another Blogger's posts and she is a PRO about skin-care! Like I've personally tried some of her D.I.Ys & they're perfect! 

Do what you believe you're good at! Plus, you'll always improve with time. Write about anything makes you happy, but doesn't hurt others - Write about your trips or tips! 

ALWAYS be honest with your reviews. I wrote some good & some bad reviews about products & I always try my BEST to be as honest as I can - Because, someone might buy a product based on your review... Be honest, ALWAYS! 

If you're going to share a D.I.Y - It's better to try it on yourself first & see if it's good or not. 

NOTE: Not everything works wonderfully for everyone. 

Write about some suggestions - You can suggest some movies or books & more! 

Or, you can do something like #DesignWithKhadija - I'm not joking, really! YOU CAN :) 

You might end-up helping someone ;) 

Also, remember that writing means expressing yourself & the topics you choose are representing YOU! 


I really hope that was helpful! 

{ #DesignWithKhadija: Post Three } 

With lots of love, 

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