#DesignWithKhadija: How to rename the 'Read More' link on your Blog?

by - 5:38 AM

Hello bello, everyone! 
I know it's Tuesday & I said that I'll post each Thursday a post related to #DesignWithKhadija - But... Today is the last day of February & the last post of #DesignWithKhadija, today I'll show you how to rename the 'Read More' link that appears in the end of your posts. So, let's start! 
 Here are the simple steps:

1 ] Sign in to your Blogger. 

2 ] Go to 'Template' then choose 'Edit HTML' 

3 ] Now on your Keyboard press CTRL+F 'At the same time' 

4 ] A small box will appear on the box - Just type this: 

5 ]Hit enter 

6 ] This code will appear 

The part I underlined is the place where you will rename the 'Read More' - For example, you can write 'Continue Reading' 


I really hope that was helpful! Have a fabulous day, everyone! 

{ #DesignWithKhadija: Post Four 'Final Post' } 

With lots of love, 

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