Why to be on Social Media?

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Okay, I know lots of people who are like 'Social Media is just a waste of time.' & I disagree with them. Social Media is not a waste of time. [In some cases it is, but mostly it's not.] 
First things first, this generation is not a fan of TV news but keeping up with the world is important. Right?
So, Social Media helps this generation to know what's going on with the world. Also, on Social Media we have the freedom to express our thoughts. Yes, I know there're some hate responds to some thoughts but we can just simply ignore it. 
We make new friends from Social Media sites, there are some people who are having a hard time making new friends, so Social Media sites are always helpful
P.S. I love making new friends, so if you didn't make a friend yet. You can talk to me on Twitter, all you need to do is Click Here.
Also, Social Media sites are the easiest way to promote anything you want. For example, you opened a new restaurant & you want that people know about it, you don't have to print posters. You can just make a Twitter account/a Facebook page & promote.
One another point is that Social Media sites are the best way to talk to any brand. Let me clear this for you.
You bought a new product & it just made your life worse. So you want to talk to the brand, right?
Find their account & type whatever you want. 'By whatever, I don't mean whatever. You know what I mean?'
Okay, now story time!
I was checking my DM's on Twitter & someone wrote such kind words about my Blog & I spent the whole day smiling & feeling good.
Social Media sites can add a little bit of sparkle in your life :)

Social Media has lots of benefits, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have any no-no points.
You have to be careful when you're using your accounts, don't share personal information & be kind to everyone.

That was all for today!

With lots of love,

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