Why I became a Blogger & What is my Goal?

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Hello Bello, everyone! How're you doing? Okay, let me clear this for YOU: I have some products to review, I have some movie suggestions & I also have some D.I.Ys to share... But, I thought I'd share why I became a Blogger & what's my goal? 
Because yesterday, while reading my 'Home' section on Twitter, I read a tweet *Not going to reveal the name or the username tho* 
The tweet was "I really wanna be a blogger, but no motivations 😭"
That was simply me few months ago, yep true story.

I bet you all know famous Bloggers as such Zoella. I love Zoella! 💘

So, whenever I used to read her posts, I was like 'I wish I could be like her one day' 
It was like a dream for me, but I always used to give up on that because I thought I'm not worth it. I can't be a Blogger! 

My dear sister tried to convince me to become a Blogger, but I was like 'NO' 

So, once upon a time, while attending the Computer class in my School [We were learning how to make a website] I was like 'YES' I love this... 

I whispered to my best friend Shapo, "Hey, what if I created a website for myself?" 
She answered in a very Shapolly way, "Okay, do it." 

On 10th of November 2016, I finally signed up & created 'A Perfect Mix of Everything' & the very next day I joined various of social medias! 
People actually started liking my work which means I'M WORTH IT!  

I just want to give you one friendly advice: Anything you love or anything you think your good at, do it! Because you're worth it, I know it :) 

Okay, that was about why I became a Blogger. Now, what's my Goal: 

See, I love writing & expressing my thoughts & also I love giving suggestions and all that. 
So, my goal is to share everything with all of you & yes one thing I'd love to say is: All the posts here are 100% my own opinion. 
And also, I want to know lots of people from all over the world! YAS! 

So, dear *Shhh* here's your motivation to become a Blogger & if you're reading this, please do share your Blog's link! ;) 

I have a suggestion to all the other Bloggers, kindly share why you became a Blogger & what's your Goal - You might motivate someone! :) 

With lots of love,

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