Review: SebaMed Clear Face Care Gel

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Hello, wonderful people! I hope that all of you are doing oh-so Good!
It's been a while since I posted something, because I was wondering what to post next... 'Blogger Struggles' 
Also, I'd love to thank all of you for all your kind words :) You people are the BEST! 💞

As you've read the tittle, today I'll review SebaMed Clear Face Care Gel. 
This is how the Gel looks like:
I've been using this for one year, this one is awesome
If you've read my previous posts, you'd know that I use SebaMed Sensitive Cleansing Bar. You can read the post Here 

I bought this Gel, because I love the Cleansing Bar it's amazing, so I thought the Gel will do a good job too! 

I use the Gel twice a day, it controls my acne so wonderfully. Plus, it stops new acne from forming. 
It makes the skin so smooth & soft, but if you apply too much of it your skin will be sticky for a few hours. So I prefer using small amount of it. 
It's not going to fade any of your previous acne or scars. It just stops new ones

My sister used it & said 'It burns!' 
So, not everything works wonderfully for everyone. But, I recommend this Gel because it works so good & I think you should give a try. Maybe it'll work for you! :)  

Well, that was for today! I really hope that was helpful :) 

With lots of love,

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