Blog Update!

by - 4:06 AM

I disabled my Blog for a day so I can make some changes on it & today I've finally finished all the work 💪  
I always wanted to create my OWN template, because whenever I used to search about ready-made templates they're not what I have in my mind.. So I thought to just make one for myself by my own taste. 

Before this, my Blog's template was 'Daisy Clean & Personal Template' *The Free One* 
It was so beautiful, but there were some features that didn't fit my style so I switched my template to the Simple one and started adding things on it.
I'd love to thank lots of YouTubers & Bloggers who helped me in learning how to do different things that'd make my Blog nicer. *Big Hug to All*
I understand the fact that it takes time to learn. At the moment, I feel that my Blog looks nice & hopefully with time I'll make it better & better! 💫 

With love, 

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  1. Thus template is really pretty, it's amazing that you've created your very own! I don't have the coding or tech skills. Loved this post.

    Alicia x

    1. Thank you so much ❤️ Sending a BIG TIGHT hug & lots of love!