You're beautiful!

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People sometimes say harsh things about you. Your skin, hair, body and simply about everything...
Personally, I felt SO bad when people commented about me. I was always like "Am I this bad looking?"
It took me simply years to understand and believe in one short sentence: You're beautiful!

If you read my previous posts, you'd see that I've mentioned about my acne, their scars and blackheads.
In the beginning, when they started appearing I hated looking at myself, from face masks to creams I've used everything that claimed to give you a flawless skin like the movie stars.
I got so depressed when they just won't go away! 
'Why I don't have a flawless skin? Am I not good-looking?' 
Those questions were always on my mind. 
Years after years, I finally started accepting myself the way I AM! 
Yes, I still have acne, acne scars and blackheads plus dark circles.
And I'm okay with them 😊 And yes whenever people say things about me, I always keep one thing on my mind 'I'm trying my best' 

Yes, keep it in your mind. No one knows how hard you've tried, or what you've been through. Guess what, they don't have to know about it!

Also, remember that God is beautiful and has created beauty in everything. 

Everyone is beautiful! Your height, weight, skin color, hair aren't the ones that are going to define your beauty. Your heart is your beauty. Your soul is your beauty. 

You're beautiful! You're beautiful! You're beautiful! 

With love,
Khadija Xoxo

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