Review: QV Skin Lotion

by - 6:39 AM

Hello, everyone! I hope that all of all are doing well. 
I feel like it's been years since I last posted something here... Anyways, here I am back with a new review!
As mentioned in the title, I am going to review QV Skin Lotion - Let's begin!
First things first, for some reason that I am not aware of... My Blogger's inserting image icon stopped working! Weird.

That means I am not able to insert the product's picture so Click Here  so you can see it!

This one is awesome, it's suitable for sensitive skin! Plus, it's fragrance free, dermatological formula, colour free and most importantly pH balanced! 

It's very good for people with dry skin, it's not greasy at all. So soft and smooth! :) 

Months ago, my hands got super dry! I tried so many products but none worked, but this hero rescued my hands :) 

I highly highly recommend this one.

With love,
Khadija Xoxo 

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