Goodbye, 2016!

by - 6:59 AM

Today is officially the last day of 2016... So I thought to share my experience, what I learnt and some tips for 2017.

So, first things first, 2016 wasn't one of my best years but it was a year of my life & we do lots of things in 12 months.. 

There were some sour moments and some sweet ones. 2016 is a special for me, because I've finally created a blog for me! Believe me, I always wanted to be a blogger but I was too not sure about it, but here I am. A Blogger :) 

I learnt how to be a little more nicer to people and I learnt so MANY new things. 

2016 is the year of my life that taught me to see good in everything, I know sometimes it's really hard to do that and sometimes we just want to give up on everything and just stay wherever we are... But try your best to see good in everything, it'll get easier with time. I promise. :) 

 I found new inspirations.. That's one fact about me, I JUST love being inspired by others in good things. My mother & sister are first and the best inspirations I can ever ask for. Plus, Princess Diana, Kate Middleton, Sushmita Sen and Adah Sharma and many others inspire me to be the better me...

Last but not least, my dearest friends. I used to be a shy and not so social with everyone, but in 2016 I've made new friends & started loving my best friends more & more.
P.S. I count my best friends as a blessing from God.

See, there's always something good in every year. :) 

Now, some tips for 2017... 
The best and the first tip is... To forget everything not nice happened in 2016 and remember everything good. 
Start 2017 with new goals & new hopes! :)

I hope that 2017 will be a happy and peaceful year for all of YOU! May God bless all of YOU :)

With lots of love,
Khadija Xoxo

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