Friday Horror Movies

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Hello, there! 
First things first, happy Friday to all of you. Today I've listed three Hollywood horror movies to watch this Friday.

1] Silent Hill

One of my favorite movies of all time! You must watch it if you're a fan of horror movies and monsters. This movie is a perfect mix of monsters ;) Plus, all the star cast are wonderful. 

2] Sinister 

I love the first part of this movie, I haven't seen the second part yet. This movie is very interesting, you're going to love it! 

3] Oculus

This one's story is very different from any horror movie I've ever seen. It's perfection!

'If you're so young or you get scared easily, I don't advice you to watch these movies!'

I hope that was helpful :) 

With love,
Khadija Xoxo

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  1. Hi, Shapo here! Love your work, my Mako! ❤ ❤