Weekend Movies!

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It's finally WEEKEND! 😃 

Every weekend, we all do something that makes us happy and relax. Personally, every weekend I watch movies, because during the stressful week it's hard to watch anything. I watched lots of Black&White Hollywood movies on the recent weekends, so I've listed the best three to watch...

1] Bunny Lake is Missing

If you're following me on Twitter, you'd see that I have already tweeted about this movie. It's so amazing! 
Now, let me tell you about the movie. It's a British psychological thriller movie staring Carol Lynley, Laurence Olivier and Keira Dullea.

Anne [Carol] arrived to London with her daughter Bunny to live with her brother Steven [Keira], Bunny went missing in the nursery school. There's no evidence that Bunny ever existed. Is Anne [Carol] mentally ill? Or is Bunny really missing? If she is missing why there's no evidence that she ever existed?

2] I Married a Witch

Well, this movie is one of the COOLEST movies I've ever seen. 
It's a fantasy, romantic and comedy movie staring Veronica Lake, Fredric March and Susan Hayward. 

The Wooley family is cursed by a witch that every man in the Wooley family will marry the wrong woman. For generations this curse worked, until the day Wallace Wooley [Fredric] married Jennifer [Veronica].

Jennifer [Veronica] is a witch, so how can she be the right woman?

3] Psycho 

I'm pretty sure that most of YOU watched this movie, but if you haven't so go watch it now! 

It's an American psychological thriller movie staring Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh and Vera Miles.
Norman [Anthony] runs a motel and lives in a home near from the motel. He says that he lives with his mother who is sick all the time. One day, Marion [Janet] visited his motel running away from a crime she did. After that, Marion went missing. Lila [Vera] is Marion's sister and is somehow sure that Norman has something to do with her sister's disappearance....

And, that's it for today! I wish YOU all a very HAPPY WEEKEND! Enjoyyyy!

With love,
Khadija xoxo 

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