The Seven Days Challenge

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Hello, everyone!

Today, I came up with something new here a challenge

We all want that healthy, fresh and glowing skin. We buy lots of different products to reach our goal: Healthy, Fresh and Glowing Skin 💁

It's not rocket science at all. Trust me! 

First things first, I have acne and their scars plus some blackheads.

Years ago, I had SO much of them and it was very painful. As every girl, I bought products and products, it made it worse and worse. I had no idea what to use or what to do, whenever I read about celebrities beauty secrets, they always say "Drink lots of water and eat healthy." 

I read this line more million times! One day, I thought what if I followed this line for a week. 

So, here's what I did for seven days:

-I drank 6 to 8 cups of water a day.  

-I didn't eat fast-food at all. [+ No French Fries]

-I didn't eat chips or chocolates. 

-I stopped drinking Pepsi or anything like it.

Also, I used SebaMed Cleansing Bar twice a day.

And the results were AMAZING! My acne or the scars didn't fade completely but they were much better than before. Yes, my skin felt fresh and glowing!

Turns out, the celebrities had a point.

I started with seven days & now I trying to stick to it, I am not saying that I didn't eat any chocolates or chips till now. I DID

I ate chocolates and welcomed new pimples [They are in control, thanks to SebaMed]

I am positive that if you keep up with the healthy life-style, your skin will be better and better. But, yeah avoiding sweets or fast-food forever is impossible but we can limit ourselves from eating too much of them.

So, I challenge YOU to spend seven days without eating anything unhealthy and drinking lots of water a day. Plus, eating fruits and vegetables can help too.

Keep me updated on Twitter about your results.

With lots of love,
Khadija xoxo 

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