Review: Lush Dark Angels

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Hello, there everyone! Today I'll review another product that I've used, it's from LUSH 'Dark Angels'

One of my friends highly recommended this product for me and I bought it based on her review.

Let me give you a summary of what Dark Angels do - It gently exfoliates your skin. [It it basically, for oily, acne-prone people] It leaves your skin fresh..

Plus, Lush products aren't tested on animals. That's a BIG thumbs up!

If you are interested in reading more about DARK ANGELS Click Here 

My review about it: I used it once a week for a whole month, it made my skin feel so fresh... But, it didn't do anything else... Like, you spend lots of money on it and it JUST makes your skin feel fresh and that 'preventing breakouts' claim is not true at all. It wasn't worth it at all.

I have other skin products which are cheaper and does the same thing as Dark Angels. So, why to spend so much money on Dark Angels?

P.S. Dark Angels can create a mess in your bathroom. [Based on personal experience]

All in all, if you have tried other products that didn't give your skin enough freshness so Dark Angels is for YOU! But if you already have a good product that gives  your skin freshness, there's no need for Dark Angels in your life.

Did you ever try Dark Angels? If yes, then tell me what YOU think about it?

'This whole review is based on my personal experience, I have nothing against LUSH products.'

With love,
Khadija xoxo 

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