Review: The Body Shop Tea Tree Range

by - 8:59 AM

Today, I'm going to review one of the worst ranges I've ever used. 

It's The Body Shop Tea Tree Range!

I used to be a fan of a celebrity who always posted good reviews about The Body Shop Tea Tree Range on Instagram or Twitter. I trusted her [The worst thing I did.]

I bought the whole range, it was so pricey but I was like this is going to work! 

So, the smell of all the products is a BIG thumbs down.

I'd start my day with the face wash, which was so dull and not effecting at all. + not foamy at all. 

Then, the toner would burn my skin and make my acne so red. Yeah, it made it painful. Very painful.

The night cream worked so well in forming new pimples and blackheads every time I used it. 

The BB Cream made me look like a witch.

And, the body wash doesn't really wash your body at all.

Plus, Tea Tree oil gave me sun-burns! DON'T ask me why, because I don't know why!

All in all, it's a waste of money. 
Also, I still hate that celebrity, promoting products just for money isn't cool.

Did you ever try the Tea Tree Range? If yes, share your review!

*I have nothing against The Body Shop, this whole review is based on my personal experience.*

With lots of love,
Khadija Xoxo

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