How to write a good story?

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Hello, there! 

Most of us are good thinkers but... Sometimes it's hard to write down your imagination on a paper and call it a story! 

I'm not a perfect writer or the best writer in the world, but I have some tips that might help you in writing a story that you have in your mind since forever. So let's start! 

1] Choose whether it's first person or third person.

First person means that one of the characters is narrating the story. 
For example: I woke-up early to meet Jack.

Third person means the narrator is not a part of the story. 
For example: Jennifer woke-up early to meet Jack.

2] Choose the year.

For me, this one is important.
For example: Your story is set on the 90s so everything must be like the 90s from the looks to the buildings

3] Know your characters.

Whenever I write a story, I take a paper and write down all the characters. I just give them a mini-bio.
For example: Jennifer McCall: A stage actress, who dreams to be a superstar.

4] Don't use one word many times.

You have to make your story a perfect mix of words 😏 Like don't always use 'Said'. The reader will get bored. Use words like 'Wondering' 'Thought' 'Whispered' 

5] Use past tense. 

All the stories in the world happened in the past.
Everything must be in the past tense. 
For example: He ran as fast as he could. 

6] Make it interesting. 

Everything in your story must happen suddenly or you can even start your story by flashback and then tell the reader what happened before that.

That's all for today! I hope that was helpful, if you need any help in writing a story you can directly talk to me on Twitter.

With love, 
Khadija Xoxo

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